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The Hair specialist and consultant Fabiana Lourenço has become one of the main entrepreneurs in the beauty sector in Brazil in recent years, especially in the region of Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo. In 2022, she was in the news on several internet portals and was on the cover of magazines in Brazil and abroad due to the position of excellence she achieved in the field of beauty, identification, representation and hair consulting. She wants the world to be able to see her hair in a different way, and she bets a lot on the possibility of using technology to make diagnoses and teach people how to take care of the health of their hair.She was even named as ''Queen of curly hair'', but the truth is that Fabiana's journey goes beyond the specialty that made her famous. Fabiana studied the different types of hair in detail and today she dedicates most of her time to making diagnoses and instructing other people and exercising specific techniques for each case.She is a perfect example of the Brazilian woman today: protagonist, entrepreneur, full of ideas and ready to make a difference in society, as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a businesswoman and as a Brazilian!

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Photographer: Mafefrassetto @mafefrassetto

Model/Hair Stylist: Fabiana Lourenço @fabianalourenco_


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