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Chantal Kopenhagen goldfinger


When it comes to eyewear and chocolate, Chantal Kopenhagen Goldfinger is synonymous with knowledge and innovation. The Brazilian is one of the world's leading experts in eyewear. She champions fashion as a way to empower and enrich people's personal brand, with the aim of changing their mindset. That's right: for her, glasses are not just an accessory, but a "necessary" (a necessary accessory) . Chocolate, on the other hand, is an old story: her family is the founder of a large brazilian company, which was sold when she was still a child, and a couple of years ago together with her father and brother they launched a new chocolate company focused on wellness..

Fascinated by exuberant frames from an early age, Chantal Kopenhagen Goldfinger has a degree in cinema from Faap, advertising and marketing from ESPM and worked as a production executive at Globo TV Communication Group for years, until she decided to leave her position in 2015 to dedicate herself to what she loves most: eyewear. "I aim to change people's mindset and relationship with eyewear. Just like handbags and shoes, there's a frame for every occasion, and for every PERSONALITY", says the expert.
 Her story doesn’t stop there, the DNA of chocolates didn’t take long to show that it was pulsating, strong: Chantal is also an entrepreneur at GoldKo, a brazilian based brand she co-founded with her father and brother in 2015 focused on producing chocolate with zero added sugar, without any aftertaste, combining healthy ingredients and flavor in the same product. The company is currently expanding in Brazil through franchising, and the US market is most definitely within reach in the near future.

Fashion that empowers: eyewear

Chantal always says that since childhood, her taste for frames was misunderstood. Contested by her friends and the boys around her, they wanted her to wear something more low key. But what she really wanted was to show that glasses give identity to any look.

Today, on her social networks (@chantalgoldfinger) she shows combinations that are suitable for all occasions and even gives training for the optical world to sell more eyewear. In addition, all her contents serve to educate followers about fashion, trends and empowerment. "Learn to dress your face", says the businesswoman in the profile's introduction text.

Technology that innovates: chocolate

With her brother Gregory and her father Paulo, Chantal researched what the chocolate market was lacking. From there, they created GoldKo, to meet customers' greatest desire: to eat indulgent chocolates, without guilt. Responsible for the company's marketing and communication, she works exactly in her area of education (communication). "The experience I had in many areas certainly helped shape the professional I am today", says Chantal.
 And indeed, Chantal Kopenhagen Goldfinger truly speaks when it comes to entrepreneurship with purpose and innovation: she undertakes, like thousands of young people around the world in her startup, while demystifying beliefs about a market she has always been passionate about. The best of both worlds, for her, comes from merging her personal path with her family's path, resulting in a 100% new and authentic story.

Agency/Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Photographer: Leo Faria @leofaria

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