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Captivating model Catalina Duque emerges as the star of a spellbinding editorial lensed by Kapture Studio. Styled impeccably by Maria Jose Salazar, Catalina’s journey begins in a sleek, silky dress that clings to her form with an air of refined elegance. This initial look is the calm before the storm, a prelude to the dramatic narrative that unfolds. As the scenes progress, Catalina transitions into bold leather coats and intricately designed laser-cut leather dresses, each piece a testament to Salazar’s avant-garde vision. The tactile interplay of luxurious fabrics and edgy leather creates a visual symphony, drawing viewers into a world where sophistication meets rebellion.

Daniela Uribe’s genius in hair and makeup amplifies this transformation, enhancing Catalina’s natural beauty with striking accents that shift from soft allure to fierce intensity. The setting, a dramatic backdrop of shadowy elegance, frames this sartorial evolution, turning each look into a statement of power and grace. Catalina embodies the essence of a modern muse, her presence commanding attention with every outfit change. This editorial not only showcases the versatility of contemporary fashion but also celebrates Catalina’s dynamic range as a model, making her the perfect canvas for this mesmerizing fashion tale.

Photo: @studiokapture

Pub: @imiragemagazine

MUA & Hair: @elauribe

Stylist: @mariajose_salazarbl

Model: @catalinaduquea


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