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Crystalline Elegance

In a mesmerizing celebration of ethereal opulence, this fashion editorial unveils the enchanting concept of "Glitter in White." Set against a backdrop of pristine cold whites, the visual narrative unfolds with an otherworldly grace, adorned with luminous crystals and metallic accessories that cast a celestial glow. The collaborative brilliance of Skims and Swarovski takes center stage, transforming the canvas into a radiant tableau of glamour and sophistication. The artistry of designers Gucci, Gaultier, and Herve Leger adds an extra layer of haute couture, seamlessly merging with the frosty ambiance.

Captured through the lens of Kapture Studio, the Brazilian model Maria Eduarda Todon embodies the essence of sublime beauty, her silhouette draped in the glistening allure of white apparel. Styling maestro Maria Jose Salazar orchestrates a symphony of elegance, curating looks that echo celestial frost with a modern edge. As Milena Cuellar masterfully tends to hair and makeup, a delicate balance is struck between celestial luminosity and the sculptural purity of white, transcending the boundaries of conventional glamour. Together, this collaborative ensemble of creative forces crafts a visual narrative that redefines the essence of pristine luxury, where every shimmering detail becomes a testament to the allure of glitter in the realm of whites.

Photo: @studiokapture

Pub: @imiragemagazine

Stylist: @mariajose_salazarbl

MUA & Hair: @milecuellar_makeup

Retoucher: @retouch_niclusha

Model: @mariaeduardatodon

Via @officialkavyar


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