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Photographer: KaptureStudio @studiokapture I

Model: Mila Lima @millanatel @informamodels

Model: Isidora @isidorades @heffnermanagement

Makeup Artist: Daniela Uribe @elauribe

Wardrobe Stylist: María José Salazar @mariajose_salazarbl

Hair Stylist: Badawigs @badawigs

Videographer: Anastasia Puzynaya @anastaspu

At Kapture Studio, a fashion rendezvous unfolded, redefining the conventional norms of styling as Brazilian stunner Mila Lima and Chilean sensation Isidora embraced the chaos of excess under the guidance of the visionary wardrobe stylist, Maria Jose Salazar.

A sight to behold, the studio was overflowing with an abundance of haute couture ensembles, shimmering accessories, and a myriad of eclectic pieces curated from across the globe. It was a visual cacophony, an inventory of high fashion that demanded creative audacity and finesse.

Maria Jose, the maestro behind this affair, found herself amid an overabundance of options. Rather than conforming to simplicity, she embraced the multitude and declared to meld them all into a sartorial symphony. In her quest to defy convention, she drew from every corner of the studio, amalgamating prints, textures, and silhouettes into an ensemble that danced on the edge of daring.

The ambience further transformed with the arrival of hairstylist, Lorenzo Badalacchi, back from his stint in London. Lorenzo's touch of finesse wove a narrative through Mila and Isidora's hair, sculpting avant-garde styles that harmonized with the kaleidoscope of the garments they adorned.

Daniela Uribe, fresh from her fashion endeavors in France, lent her unparalleled expertise to the project, infusing the ambiance with a sense of European sophistication. Her discerning eye added a touch of continental allure to every detail, orchestrating an amalgamation of textures and colors that echoed a resonating narrative of artistic expression.

Mila and Isidora, the muses of the hour, embodied the epitome of versatility. Draped in a harmonious clash of fabrics and patterns, they strutted with an effortless poise that epitomized the boundary-blurring nature of fashion.

The resulting symphony of style was a vibrant tapestry, each thread woven from various cultures, traditions, and styles, entwined into a living canvas that redefined the very essence of high fashion.

Kapture Studio's overstocked situation was no longer a challenge but an opportunity, a celebration of a fearless embrace of excess that birthed a new definition of sartorial artistry. In this mélange of creativity and culture, the fusion of influences and ideas birthed a new era of fashion, daring and unapologetic in its diverse magnificence.


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