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Photographer: Supasit Sukviruch @tjxphoto

Model: Maeve Kelley @maevie_

Hair Stylist: Carmen @carmen_hairstyling

Makeup Artist: Crystal Rojas @crystalrox5

Tell us something about yourself.

Hi! I’m Maeve Kelley and I am a Boston-raised and LA based singer/songwriter and fashion model. I consider myself a life-long creative at heart and love art of all kinds!

What made you decide to be a model?

Ever since I was about 6 or 7 years old and discovered the show ‘America’s Next Top Model’, I knew that getting into modeling was a dream of mine. I would go into my mom’s shoe closet as a little kid, try on her tallest heels and practice my catwalk back and forth across her room!

What modeling experience do you have?

I have been modeling professionally for about 3 years now and have a wide scope of experience across genres including editorial, beauty & cosmetics, bridal, ecommerce, swim/fitness, and more.

Who is your favorite model and why?

Bella Hadid is a favorite of mine because I truthfully think she is so skilled and works extremely hard to always improve her craft. Her posing and walk are top notch, plus from what I can tell & have heard, she’s known to be a very sweet, caring, and humble person in everyday life, which is important.

Tell me about a challenge you faced when modeling.

When you’re a model, you’re constantly facing rejection and you truly have no control over whether a client will want your specific look - so that can be a tough thing that you have to get used to.

How do you prepare for a new photo shoot?

The night before a photoshoot, I do my full skincare routine which includes retinol lotion, aloe vera, and then coating my face with a layer of Vaseline (I have a very dry skin type haha). Then the morning of, I tend to ice my undereyes, exfoliate, and do a teeth whitening strip. You always have to make sure to bring seamless nude colored undergarments as well! I also always make sure to pack snacks, and lots of water - especially for long days!

What was the hardest photo shoot you've done?

One time I had an 8 hour photoshoot where I was having an allergic reaction to cat hair that had been on some of the accessories (unbeknownst to the client- I’m highly allergic to cats!) but I had to power through. That was definitely difficult - I kept sneezing/sniffling between shots haha - but looking back it’s a funny story!

Tell me about your biggest modeling accomplishment?

So far, I would say it would be a tie between getting my first magazine cover this past summer or walking in my first Los Angeles Fashion Week in the fall! I ended up walking in 6 shows and even opening a show, so it was a really amazing experience. I’m excited to be walking in Los Angeles Fashion Week for my second season starting tomorrow.

What is one professional goal you have for yourself?

Because I am both a musician and a model, being featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine one day would be a huge dream come true.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully, I will be a bit more established as a pop singer/songwriter in the LA community— I’d love to be putting on live shows! And of course, I would love to still be modeling in the high fashion and editorial world if possible.


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