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The Brazilian youth protagonism wants to transform the country with a lot of positivity, content and identification

Photographer: @mafefrassetto

Model: Yuma Ono @yuma_ono

Model: Duda Pimenta @dudapimenta

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Producer: Marcelo Proença@marcelorproencaoficial

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Marcelo Brito @mbritobeauty

Producer: Valentina Saluz @valentinasaluz

Producer: Chiba @chibaa

Model: @igorjansen

Model: Marcela Montellato @ma_montellato

The Brazilian youth protagonism wants to transform the country with a lot of positivity, content and identification. How can youth protagonism change society? Learn about how Brazilian youth are doing it.

With Igor Jansen 18 years old, Marcela Montellato 20 years old, Yuma Ono 20 years old and Duda Pimenta 16 years old, we can see a world phenomenon that emanates directly from the great Latin country Brazil, the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world with more than 200 million inhabitants. This phenomenon refers to the youth movement in search of transformation, communication, identification, representation and many positive vibes. All are completely different, with different experiences and opportunities, but all have in common a rich repertoire full of creativity. They speak to millions of young people. Some of them are already accompanied by this large audience from a very young age. The digital world of young Brazilian creators is a worldwide example of the power to connect with the future. Igor Jansen and Duda Pimenta as actors and singers, are able to create different projects every day to engage and inspire their audience of fans. They are also examples of hard work, determination, healthy living and family values. Also, Marcela Montellato and Yuma Ono show creative, real content with a unique authenticity. They and their entire generation with super pumped accounts on all social networks are able to create identification prospects and when that happens, a unique connection is created with this audience. The adults of a very near tomorrow. The four are great digital artists who together impact more than 40 million people on their social networks. They are part of the top of a chain that has already registered around 500,000 influencers in Brazil, according to a study carried out by Nielsen. They are part of the main digital influence agency in Brazil, Hello Group, owned by entrepreneurs Marcelo Proença and Rodrigo Chiba. The world still has a lot to learn from the Brazilian influencing market and, for this reason, Brazilian internet stars are increasingly present in countries such as Canada, the United States, France, Italy and England. To be honest, this domination is worldwide! And we wouldn't even need to cite examples like Anitta, Alok, Whindersson Nunes, Pabllo Vittar, Marisa Monte or Larissa Manoela, but the truth is: expect to know a lot about all these Brazilian stars who, in addition to being great at creating influence in their communities, are also definitely the example of authenticity that the world wants to see. Welcome to the era of Portuguese content entering our minds! Brazilian elections are on the way, but who knows if real change will come from this generation of young people?


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