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ISSUE: #1005

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

On the cover:

Social Desert

In my work, I wanted to convey the atmosphere of loneliness, disunity, understatement and a person's distance from society and real life, to convey indifference and detachment, coldness.

People in isolated conditions adapt and find stimulus and pleasure in digital technology and the Internet, further apart from each other.

Remote work, distance learning, zoom, social media ... have further strengthened our position in our world. People, despite this, feel lonely and inadequate.

People are “near” .. in touch, BUT .. it's all virtual - this is the price of electronic technology.

All this influence, those measures that affected us all.

The further effect of this effect is still unknown.

Photography & Production & Creative Direction: @photo_magnitcky

Retoucher: @valmont.retouch

Hair: @nikita_brinyuk

MUA: @stasyamua_


Stylist & Fashion: @juliasees

Model: @kristinavmovement

Model: @_makiskiskis_

Link to the Publication:

Link to Peecho:

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