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ISSUE: #1099

On the Cover:


Bodypositive-acceptance of your body in any form.

Its main idea is that all people are equal and no one should be discriminated against because of appearance

He returns to the simple belief that it is not necessary to judge and classify people by appearance. It is more useful to love yourself by anyone — overweight, tall, with moles, with a large nose or leg size, with any skin color and at any age.

Our project is designed to clearly show how beautiful and individual completely different people can be. It doesn't matter how perfect your skin is, whether you are overweight, how young and successful you are. It is important-how comfortable you are in yourself and with yourself.

"Shortcomings" are the biggest norm of all the norms that exist in this world and it must be understood, realized and accepted.

This is what our photo project calls for!

Stylist & Creative Director: @image_fortuna

Model: @winvikoletta

Photo & Retoucher: @sikorskayaelena

Video: @badmaev_photo_video_pro

MUA: @gaiasoiree

Hair: @borisovastylist

Assistant: @stilist_mustafina

Model: @oliya_curvymodel

Model: @baddryg

Wardrobe credits:

Cape @burounique

Trousers @blood_champagne

Costume jewelry @a_true_lady

Shoes @mango

Skirt @burounique Corset @in. my. mart Costume @ponomarev_andrei

Dress @burounique

Shoes @sintezia Socks @marksandspencerrussia

Jumpsuit @stellamccartney Kangoo

Shoes @kangoojumps. moscow

Jumpsuit @zara

Belt @damuaccessories Shoes @sintezia

Trousers, Blouse, Scarf @odevaiwear

Belt @damuaccessories

Costume @ponomarev_andrei

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