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Issue: #1820

On the Cover:


In the deep blue sea,

A world of wonder, beauty, and mystery

The sea creatures dance,

A playful and enchanting trance.

Their colors and shapes,

A source of inspiration for fashion's endless escapes

From iridescent scales to intricate patterns,

Their allure is simply captivating.

A statement of style and grace,

The sea creature trend takes its place

In the fashion world on land and sea,

As an embodiment of elegance and fantasy.

So let the sea creatures inspire,

A fashion statement that never tires

Of highlighting the beauty of nature's creations,

And the magic of fashion's transformations.

Creative Direction & Photo & Retoucher: @teaguarascio

Publication: @imiragemagazine

Stylist & MUA: @danvallet

Showroom: @marcjuancomunicacion

Model: @thisisnewsaxon

Link to the Publication:

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