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Issue: #2230

On the Cover:


The moment she realized being a Fashion Photographer was her BIG DREAM, was on Times Square, while scanning the towering billboards, showcasing campaigns from illustrious fashion labels. It was then she vowed to be the photographer who could one day proudly exclaim, "That's my shot" The dream was colossal, but the determination to realize it burned brighter.

This photograph series, show a fusion of fashion and the vibrant street life of New York,

telling a story of self-discovery and the unyielding pursuit of the BIG DREAM.

Photo: @byjojo.fotografe

Pub: @imiragemagazine

Model: @morenalouisa_

Fashion: @dairdesign

Model: @dair_design

MUA: @shirodjbholasingh

Hair & MUA: @mendywhitehair

Model: @judithmarilene

Model: @evadonnamariana

Link to the Publication:

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