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Issue: #2232

On the Cover:


Nokdu Soldier is one of the characters from a traditional Korean folktale. This can be grown at one's tomb with lots of beans--including mung beans, black beans, and white beans. This has the power of a plant, and therefore it can protect itself by not feeling any pain. It was born with natural armour and weapons, so there has been a story of a supernatural being called a Baby General.

Baby General was originally born without any legs, and there was a wing underneath their arms, instead. Once they got the power to fly, literally, their mom hid them from the world by burying them. The last words of the baby were to bury them with lots of beans--and finally, those beans became soldiers and weapons.

Creative Direction & MUA & Photo & Retoucher: @evelyntrista

Model: @yeeew6n_soun

Fashion: @manwoljae

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