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Issue: #2255

On the Cover:


Creative Direction: @esther_ho_style

Hairstylist: Esther Ho @esther_ho_style

Mua: Rosa Zhang @rosa__makeup01

Fashion stylist: Joanne Lin @toxicememe_life Myra Chen @cu_oni

Photographer: Yi Ding @eighting_foto

Instructor: Wesley Wu @wesley_wu_style

Model: Wei Huang @weihuang1211

Assistant: Mike Cho @__mike_official Sharon Huang @_sharon_design Shiro Zheng @adajaaj1_design Hilda Huang @hildahuangstyle Feifei Chen @feifei__design Thanh-truc,Dao @dtt.99_ Aster Liao @__asterlili Nomi Chen @nomi_linai

Link to the Publication:

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