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Kristian Schuller


“Kristian Schuller’s images capture all the colours, all the exuberance, the fantasy, glamour and brightness, that was lacking from his communist Romanian childhood… …if you want to reach the stars”, he learned at an early age from his father “go and catch them!” (PHOTO France No 490)

Born in Romania, Kristian Schuller became fascinated by fashion and photography in his early youth.

At a young age he emigrated with his family to Germany where he studied fashion design at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. Among his teachers were Vivienne Westwood and F. C. Gundlach, who both had a profound influence on his work.

After graduating, he hesitates between fashion and photography. Instead of choosing he decides to combine his two passions and applies himself to fashion photography. His work featuring top models in original and creative settings has been published in international magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour ...

After travelling around the world Kristian Schuller and his wife Peggy choose to make fashion capital Paris their home. Peggy is a designer and very much involved in her husband's work. Before starting to shoot a new series of images, Kristian always makes a rough sketch and goes in search of ideas for the sets and costumes, drawing his inspiration from the world of film, art history and old photographs. With this in mind he can then decide on the locations, models, hairstyles, make-up and clothing, all in close collaboration with Peggy.

The woman and the dream are the main subjects in his work. The models are staged within a dream-like glamour world.


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