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ISSUE: # 2336

On the Cover:


Born in the north of England in 1973, I always felt a pull towards something creative. In my youth, I envisioned myself in the performing arts, seeking ways to express myself. However, fate led me to stumble upon hairdressing, and it was a revelation. Suddenly, I found myself immersed in a world of fashion, shows, travel, and hair photography – working with some of the best hair & fashion photographers around. My career in hair took off swiftly, and I never looked back. Over the past 30 years, I've honed my craft, presented international hair shows, and shared my knowledge through education worldwide. Today, I am proud to co-own the award-winning salon brand HOOKER & YOUNG in the north of England, where I've led my team to both creative and business success.

My journey into hair photography ignited around a decade ago, starting as an extension of my creativity in hair. What began as experimental test shoots quickly turned into a deep passion. Immersing myself in the world of hair and fashion photography, I studied techniques, developed concepts, and collaborated with some of the best stylists and models around. 

With each shoot, I push my creative boundaries, exploring new genres and possibilities. Photography has become my canvas for capturing the artistry of hair, fashion, and beauty in a single frame. From concept to creation, every step is an opportunity to unleash my imagination and creative vision.

My photography allows me to showcase diversity, celebrate self-expression, and tell captivating stories. It's not just about taking pictures—it's about capturing moments and leaving a lasting impression. 

Each shoot I undertake is a stand-alone project, approached with the same energy & enthusiasm. Throughout my career, there have been many standout moments and collections that hold a special place in my heart, filled with the euphoria of achievement. One of the most rewarding experiences has got to be shooting pictures for other hairdressers who go on to win  British Hairdressing Awards.

I always strive to consider my latest work as my best work, believing in the importance of continuous evolution and improvement. Complacency has never been my style; I thrive on exploring new ideas and finding fresh ways to convey my creative vision. Predicting the exact visual direction of future projects is challenging, but I embrace the uncertainty with optimism and an open mind, finding joy in the ever-evolving nature of creativity.


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