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Spiritual liberation

Visual Effects Artist: Yahsahra

Each artwork reflects a certain shade of my inner spectrum. Ranging from turmoil to bliss, dreamscapes and dystopian alternative universes, my art explores the depths of anthropology. Past, present, future, a stunning dance of love and light blended together with darkness and mysticism, each piece is deeply rooted in worldwide folklore and mythology.

Perceiving my everchanging reflection. This work symbolises growth and progress, the power of staying unique and mystical.

The symbol of rebirth and resurrection, the Phoenix is an omen of spiritual strength and good luck. It represents the eternal flame of faith, that no matter how many times it’s setback it will keep on shining. The concept brings peace and hope along with the promise of life beyond death, just like the vermilion bird rises back to life from its ashes.

The Monuent Valley of Shadows at Dawn, a journey of the spirit. Embark with me on this mythical quest of self discovery.


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