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The Brazilian-Chilean influencer conquered Latin America and wants to conquer the world.

Half Brazilian, half Chilean, Natali Matos is one of those profiles we love for fashion, style, good taste and travel content in the best and most luxurious places in the world. In addition to the luxury and power of one of the most beloved influencers in Latin America, Natali also shares her human side with her followers, which involves charity actions and moments of relaxation with friends and family.
Natali is the fastest growing influencer style in the Americas. A mix of the Latin woman who meets the contemporary woman, but maintains the roots of humility, love of neighbor and social work. To top it off, Natali is also a businesswoman and is the director of an international team that works on creating content for brands, magazines and streaming platforms around the world. We spoke to her, see the interview:

Natali, how do you define your style?

My style is versatile, I'm constantly changing. Not because I feel bad about something, but I like to always be different from yesterday.
I don't like to have rules to follow, I like to transit in fashion.
I have several profiles. I can be blonde, redhead, brunette... whatever I want.
I'm very inspired by Lady Gaga, because she's always innovating her style.
I want to break the taboo that there is a standard of beauty. I can be a blue-eyed blonde one day and a brown-eyed redhead the next. I want to be 10001 Natali's.

How do you create content for your social networks?

I really like international creations, just as I love the Brazilian ones. So I like to mix the two contents. Mixing ideas from Brazil and from the world in my own kind of content. And my team captures my idea and produces it.

What are your favorite cities in the world?

There are many, I love to travel. But I think Venice and Milan, Italy are amazing;
Mykonos, Greece, Cape Town in Africa, and of course, Malé, in Maldives!

What is your beauty routine?

I think beauty starts from the inside out. If you don't take care of your health, you will have a tired look, dark circles, etc... so I always try to take care of my "inner beauty", first of all.
In the morning, before any meal, I drink two glasses of water. I eat lots of fruit and salad. I take my detox juices and I seek a healthy diet.
I love exercise, especially running.
And on the outside.. I always use body cream recommended by my dermatologist, after showering.
My melasma treatment cream too.

How do you take care of your body?

I do physical exercise. Racing is the favorite!
I love dancing too.

What can't be missing in your bag?

Firstly, my tourmaline stone for protection, I really believe that it protects me, I've had some experiences that made me believe.
My Hand and Face Cream. A photo of my daughter, as I travel a lot. And my schedule.

Editorial team credit:

Photographer: Igor Malakhov @igor__malakhov


Makeup Artist: Olena Toncheva @olenatoncheva

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Model: Natali Matos@natalimatosofficial

Producer: Vanessa Gall @vanessagall

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