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Ivvi Romão

The Summer Starts here

Photographer: Marija @marijamihailova

Model: Ivvi Romão @ivviromao

Videographer: David @kinkybanana

Wardrobe Stylist: Daniela @diasdechuvaseca

Wardrobe Stylist: Tomas @dmcandeias

Executive Producer: Nexxt PR @nexxtpr

Get to know Ivvi Romão the Brazilian model the world wants to know

Ivvi is a model, activist, businesswoman and producerIvvi Romão is the face of a new Brazilian generation and also portrays the country's social moment. Born in the state of Alagoas, and today a Brazilian immigrant in Portugal, Ivvi is the image of the dream of the brazilian youth who often see professional success abroad, especially in times of economic and political instability.At the age of 24, Ivvi lives in Lisbon and has become known and renowned as a model, businesswoman and event producer, but she also stands out for her voice as an activist and citizen, as the voice of an entire generation in discussion for more respect and tolerance these days. It is not difficult to find it in debates, events and dialogues promoted by the media in Portugal and other countries. Before her rise in Portugal, Ivvi also lived in Dublin and London, worked as a dancer at the Bolshoi Ballet until she was discovered as a model, which made her develop talent for fashion, entrepreneurship, productions and so on.As a woman who dispenses with tags, Ivvi does not shy away from difficult subjects. Aware of her responsibility as a citizen, she wants transgender people to be more respected and valued, in fashion, in art, on the street, everywhere. She who occupies so many positions has also taken on the role of including all types of people everywhere, starting with fashion, art and mutual love.As a model, she has modeled for the most sought-after designers in Europe, has been published by Vogue Portugal and Máxima, as well as dozens of other international magazines and campaigns. As a businesswoman, she produces her own festival ''Fund Fest'' and manages her own career, as a citizen she fulfills the agenda at events sharing her experience as a Brazilian trans woman immigrant living in Europe and representing others. She also shares her intimate questions, her perspective on transphobia and her socializing with other transgender people.On Instagram, Ivvi explores the European scene and shares her busy life with her audience between work as models, castings, work as a producer and interviews for the main local media.Ivvi is a woman, Brazilian, from the northeast and exudes beauty, style and strength. Among her plans is a brief return to Brazil for fashion shows this year, but for now she will maintain a fixed residence in Europe. She was recently invited by Revista Maxima de Portugal to speak at the Máxima 2022 Award about the role of women in society and what it is like to play the role of representing people when reaching prominent positions.If you want a dose of fashion, social awareness, beauty and lots of European settings straight from the VIP seat at the beggining of the summer, she worths the follow and she is ready to conquer the world!



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