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In a display of subdued elegance, model Carmen Arenas captivates in her recent visit to Kapture Studio, where light and shadow dance in perfect harmony. Against a backdrop of minimalist allure, Carmen's presence evokes an aura of timeless sophistication, her every movement a symphony of grace and poise. Bathed in the ethereal glow of dramatic lighting, she effortlessly commands attention, her silhouette a study in understated allure.

Within the monochromatic palette of the studio, Carmen becomes a canvas upon which shadows and reflections play. Each pose she strikes is a masterclass in restraint, her gaze penetrating yet enigmatic, inviting viewers into a world of subtle intrigue. Through the lens of the photographer, her essence is captured in fleeting moments of beauty, each frame a testament to the power of understated allure. In this editorial ode to the art of chiaroscuro, Carmen Arenas emerges as a beacon of quiet strength, leaving an indelible imprint upon the realms of fashion and imagination alike.

Photographer: KaptureStudio @studiokapture

Wardrobe Stylist: María José Salazar @mariajose_salazarbl

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Milena Cuellar @milecuellar_makeup

Set Designer: Devorah Goldd @devorahgoldd

Model: Carmen Arenas @imgmodels @carmen_arenas_rodriguez


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