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In a bold reimagining of femininity, this editorial introduces the captivating concept of "Androgynous Transformation" through the lens of a black-and-white visual narrative. The pages unfold with an exploration of fine leather textures, incorporating mini skirts, leggings, pants, transparencies, and latex, challenging conventional fashion norms. While preserving the model's innate femininity, the editorial navigates the boundaries of gender expression through clothing and poses, gracefully revealing the subtle androgynous features woven into each ensemble.

Captured by the talented Kapture Studio, model Malu Toro becomes a symbol of empowered femininity embracing a spectrum of expressions. WonderMafe's styling takes center stage, seamlessly blending traditionally masculine and feminine elements to create a nuanced androgynous aesthetic. Hair and makeup, crafted by Daniela Uribe, subtly enhance the model's features, complementing the editorial's exploration of the multifaceted nature of identity. Together, these creative forces converge to present an editorial that transcends traditional expectations, inviting readers to celebrate the harmonious coexistence of femininity and androgyny in the realm of high fashion.

Photo: @studiokapture

Pub: @imiragemagazine

MUA & Hair: @elauribe

Retoucher: @retouch_niclusha

Model: @malutoroo

Stylist: @theinexpert


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