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Updated: Jul 8, 2023

"Woman of Authority" is a powerful and fitting title for a photoshoot featuring a strong and confident woman who can command respect and admiration with her presence alone. This title captures the essence of a woman who exudes an aura of strength and influence, while also being graceful and elegant. Whether she's wearing a sharp suit or a beautiful dress, the "Woman of Authority" is a force to be reckoned with.

Creative Direction & Photography: @yuliya_herrera__

MUA: @yurneva

Stylist: @yuliya_herrera__

Model: @raquelroblesrobles

Via @officialkavyar

- Tell me about yourself.

My name is Raquel Robles, I have been working as a model for more than 10 years. It is my passion and I have worked as a model during all my studies at the school and university.

I also love sports such as sky, paddle, tennis, and swimming. Moreover, I had been singing opera since I was 9 years old, and it is something that I really enjoy. as a professional.

I would like to share something special that happened to me 10 months ago. I entered the international beauty pageant competition Miss Global as a Miss Spain and representative of my country. I won and it changed my career. It just happened. I never looked for it. I have always been a professional model during all my university studies as I mentioned. However, I must admit that since I was young I have always been attracted to these contests. Achieving something like this is like a dream come true. I struggle to find the right words to express what I feel.

One day I was working for a top fashion show and one of the representatives of the beauty pageant suggested that I participate in the conquest. Since then, everything has moved forward until I managed to be chosen as Spain’s representative for the international beauty competition. Having this international studies and background was an extremely breaking point that really helped me to win.

Now that this dream has come true I can’t wait to take Spain to where it belongs and win the international competition. Still, just the idea of representing Spain is one of the biggest duties and honor I can have.

- Other than yourself, who should win this pageant?

All the participants could win, they are women who are prepared with many requirements in addition to beauty. As a representative of my country, I'm going to go for the international title. However, the most important thing is to have fair competition and be a good partner.

- Why do you want to win this title?

Because it is a dream since I was a child, and I will love to win for many reasons, but the main reason would be as a personal improvement, because like most women, I have not always been sure of myself, however with this competition I want to help many ladies to believe in themselves, that everything can be achieved, and to bring their power from within. Because all of us are winners.

- What would you do if you won this pageant?

If I win this pageant, first of all, I will celebrate it with my family and friends and after it, I will work very hard for my country, be a good representative, and be an inspiration to other girls who have dreams. to show them that with effort and perseverance, anything is possible.

- What qualities should a titleholder have?

The qualities that a titleholder should have are many. You have to have values, education, academic training, talent, be a good person, and You have to have values, education, academic training, talent, be a good person and want to help others. in addition to beauty, and stage presence that is already taken for granted.

- What steps do you take to maintain your physical appearance?

I like to make balance within my personal life and my professional lives. It’s important to work hard but it’s also important to spend time with your family and friends, to do some exercise and take care of your emotions. For me reading or singing it’s very helpful.

- How do you hold uncomfortable poses for extended periods?

With mental strength. If you think you can do it, you will.

- How do you build good working relationships with other models?

I have always been a very charismatic person, and I love to admire other professionals and share experiences. I have very good friends from my professional field.

- How would you deal with photographers making inappropriate comments toward you during photoshoots?

With respect and setting limits.

- What was the most difficult photoshoot you have ever done, and how did you handle it?

To be honest, every photoshoot is an experience. but I have not had particularly hard photo sessions. It is true that sometimes you are very cold, or other times you are very hot and you can get dizzy, but the important thing is to have a positive attitude and always try to give your best.

- Tell me something to remember you.

Since I started in the world of fashion, many people have told me that I have a great resemblance to Penélope Cruz, especially during my time living in the United States and Taiwan.

For me, it is an honor to be compared to a woman like her, since she is a great professional. I would like the public to assess whether they see the resemblance to Penelope Cruz or not. Could it be her double? Or could it be the Penélope Cruz of fashion? What is your opinion?

- Raquel Robles Robles


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