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A visionary Magazine designed by Award-winning Graphic artists
Monika Peczeli and Imre Bako.

" are the best magazine ever, so creative and stylish! Love you! Thank you so much!"
Svetlana Oum Photographer/Creative Director/Retoucher

"Dear editorial staff of the magazine, I am completely delighted with the style and final design of my publications in your magazine. Very beautiful and creative. Thank you so much for the publication, I look forward to further cooperation."
Yana Chen Photographer

"You should be a role model amongst all the other magazines - your professionalism, product quality and speed of service is beyond compare. It has been my privilege to work with you - THANK YOU!! "
Subhro Mitra Photography
"My magazines arrived in the mail. I was blown away by the back cover quality and how vibrant the colors look. Thank you for an amazing publication!"
Brandon Caffey Photographer

"Thank you SOOOOO much for the feature, 
truly honored to have been able to be published by such an amazing magazine."
Kanwal Batool Creative Director, Wardrobe Stylist, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist 

"Your magazine is the bomb..." 
Suzy Labbé Internationally published editorial fashion photographer, retoucher, stylist.

Brandon Jameson Photographer/Award winning Director and Film Maker
"You are the best! Thank you so much for this wonderful piece."
Mike Ruiz Photographer/ Creative Director/ Film Maker 
Creative Director of @lofficielau @lofficielfashionbookmontecarlo @photobookmagazine

"...your layout is just Wonderfull! I love the design and look..."
Konstantin Odin Photographer

"OMG! Thank you so much... It’s a beautiful outcome of your magazine."
Angelique Waltenberg Makeup Artist

"I’m proud to see my pictures on your amazing magazine..."
Stefano Silvestri Photographer/Retoucher

"Beautiful layout! Very creative.."
Rainne Medina Creative Director


With More than 160000 social media followers in such a short few years, we have an audience reach of 3 million followers (!) Canada-based IMIRAGEmagazine is one of the fastest-growing Fashion/Beauty publications. With our uniquely creative and visually curated print issues and with high social media view rates, our magazine makes sure your work will be noticed. 
Our Print Magazine issues are available to order worldwide. Unlike other Magcloud print-on-demand publishers, our Hard and Softcover book issues can be purchased on Amazon, through Barnes & Noble, Lehmanns Media Germany and Blurb.
IMIRAGEmagazine is more than just an 'other' picture book...It's about storytelling. Images hold the potential to share some of the most powerful stories that connect us no matter where in the world we live. The weekly magazine applauds relevant and visually stunning features on art, design, film, music, photography, style and other creative genres. 
Featured talents can share their latest projects and the audience can gain insight into their imaginative perception.

We accept exclusive submissions from emerging photographers and their creative teams, artists and fashion designers/ brands.

Please note that “emerging” does not mean “just started”. We promote new and exciting talents who are wholly committed to their craft through never-ending experimentation, who dare to push the limit and bring such fantasies to life. 

Photography by JK WONG

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