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Model Paulina Diazgranados undergoes a captivating transformation in a fashion editorial that embraces reinvention and self-expression. Through the lens of Kapture Studio, Paulina's evolution unfolds with a blend of elegance, edge, and sophistication.

Wardrobe stylist Ivan Ramirez guides Paulina through a breathtaking journey, from sleek gelled pulled-back hair exuding confidence to a fully storm-blown mane echoing raw beauty. Each look crafted by Ramirez celebrates bold experimentation and fearless exploration.

Hair and makeup artist Cati enhances Paulina's features with precision, accentuating the mood of each ensemble. From bare nothings to high-collared trench coats, Paulina effortlessly embodies vulnerability, mystery, and allure.

From glittering dresses to white business suits, each outfit tells a story of femininity and strength, transcending boundaries with grace and creativity. The collaborative vision of a talented team led by KaptureStudio offers a glimpse into a world where style and substance intertwine in a dance of endless possibility, inspiring us to embrace the magic of transformation and self-discovery.

Photo: @studiokapture

Pub: @imiragemagazine

Stylist: @iviramirezstylist

Model: @paulinadiazgranados

Retoucher: @acevedovanarckene

MUA & Hair: @catijeras


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