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Updated: Apr 19

In a mesmerizing fusion of sensuality and drama, model Leva graces the pages in a captivating editorial lensed by Kapture Studio. Under the creative direction of wardrobe stylist Ivan Ramirez, Leva undergoes a metamorphosis from understated elegance to avant-garde allure, all while draped in sheer tops and leggings that tantalizingly blur the line between modesty and seduction. Against a pristine white backdrop, the predominant palette of red and black evokes a sense of primal passion and sleek sophistication, amplifying the editorial's high-octane aesthetic.

As Leva effortlessly transitions from languid, natural poses to over-the-top theatrics, the editorial becomes a mesmerizing study in contrasts. Each frame captures the tension between restraint and excess, as Hair and Makeup by Cati masterfully accentuates Leva's features with bold strokes and intricate detailing. Through this exploration of sheer fabrics and bold hues, Ivan and the Kapture Studio team redefine modern glamour, inviting viewers into a world where fashion is not just worn but experienced, and where every pose tells a story of defiance and allure.

Photographer: KaptureStudio @studiokapture I Retoucher: Victoria Khubaeva @retouch_niclusha Wardrobe Stylist: Ivan Ramirez @iviramirezstylist Model: Leva @Iris Models @iam.leva Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Catijeras @catijeras


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