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In a captivating ode to the allure of the color red, this fashion editorial delves into the powerful statement that a woman in red can make. The narrative unfolds with a striking contrast of red, black, and white, weaving together a visual tapestry of elegance and intensity. The editorial explores various expressions of the theme, from the bold allure of red lips against an all-black ensemble to the dynamic interplay of red hair and accessories against the sleek backdrop of leather. The chosen palette, meticulously curated by designers Andrea Landa, Dries Van Noten, Rosie Assoulin, Alice + Olivia, Victoria Beckham and Faride Ramos, accentuates the timeless and avant-garde aspects of silk, cotton, lycra, and leather.

Photographed by Kapture Studio, the Italian model Giorgia Dalla Gassa effortlessly embodies the essence of the woman in red, showcasing the seamless synergy between fashion and photography. The styling prowess of WonderMafe shines through as red silk dresses gracefully dance against a dramatic black canvas, creating an ethereal yet commanding presence. The meticulous attention to detail extends to hair and makeup by the talented Milena Cuellar, further emphasizing the editorial's exploration of the dynamic harmony between the vibrant red hues and the contrasting black and white elements. Together, these creative forces converge to craft a visual narrative that celebrates the woman in red as a symbol of passion, strength, and undeniable style.

Photo: @studiokapture

Pub: @imiragemagazine

Pub: @imiragefashion

MUA & Hair: @milecuellar_makeup

Model: @iamgeorginadg

Stylist: @theinexpert


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