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Stepping into the Spotlight

In a stunning display of self confidence and empowerment, Kayla Scheffler, usually the makeup artist behind the scenes, recently took center stage in a captivating boudoir photoshoot with MK Boudoir along with hairstylist and assistant Caitlin Kropschot. Stepping out of her comfort zone she chose to be the model, not just the artist, to see herself in a whole new light. The ethereal ambiance of the shoot allowed her to embrace her beauty, strength, and vulnerability in a way she had never experienced before.

Boudoir photography is not just about capturing sensual images but also about rediscovering one's self-worth and celebrating the unique essence that resides within each of us. Her decision to step into the spotlight serves as an inspiring reminder to all that true empowerment lies in challenging our own boundaries and embracing the journey of self discovery.

Photo & Retoucher: @mk_boudoir

Model & MUA: @makeupbykaylascheffler

Assistant & Hair: @braidsandblushtn

Link to the Publication:


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