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Photographer: KaptureStudio @studiokapture I

Model: Anastasia Puzyrnaya @anastasia.puzyrnaya

Wardrobe Stylist: María José Salazar @mariajose_salazarbl

Makeup Artist: Angie Almah @angiealmah

Set Designer: Devorah Goldd @devorahgoldd

Digital Artist: Eduardo Acevedo @acevedovanarckene

In a stunning collaboration between Kapture Studio and set designer Devorah Goldd Studio, an extraordinary fashion editorial unfolded, pushing boundaries and redefining the art of capturing beauty. The focal point of the shoot was the enchanting model, Anastasia Puzyrnaya, who fearlessly endured long hours of being soaked, splashed and drenched to bring forth a mesmerizing display of ethereal grace. Taking place in a large scale studio, the creative team constructed a reflection pool, transforming the space into a liquid dreamscape. It was within this aquatic paradise that the true magic unfolded.

Employing innovative techniques, projections of waves, clouds and seascapes danced across the backdrop, creating a seamless harmony between fashion and the elements. The wardrobe styling by Maria Jose Salazar faced numerous hurdles due to the demanding conditions. However, the visionary designs by esteemed fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Cult Gaia, Gauge81, 16 Arlington, We Are After Hours and Santa Brands triumphed over the adversity. Each garment stood up to the challenge, embodying resilience and grace in the face of the relentless water elements, evoking a sense of empowerment and beauty that transcended the constraints of the studio.

As the model's face and body became a canvas for art, the creative genius of hair and makeup artist Angie Almah emerged. Working with the fluidity and dynamism of water, she skillfully crafted looks that accentuated the model's natural features while complementing the surroundings. From dewy, glistening skin to water-inspired hairstyles, Angie's artistry elevated the editorial to a realm of ethereal elegance. Through the seamless fusion of water, projections, and reflections, Kapture Studio and Devorah Goldd Studio have birthed a visual masterpiece that transports the viewer to a world beyond imagination.

Anastasia Puzyrnaya's unwavering dedication and endurance, paired with the visionary styling of Maria Jose Salazar and the transformative artistry of Angie Almah, lead to a captivating fusion of elements served as a powerful reminder that fashion, at its core, is a form of artistic expression that can evoke emotions, challenge norms, and transport us to realms of unparalleled beauty. In this captivating exploration of the elements, the audience is invited to immerse themselves in a realm where water dances with light, projections breathe life into still images, and reflections create a symphony of reality and illusion. The collaborative efforts of these exceptional talents have birthed an editorial that is more than fashion—it is a testament to the human spirit's ability to create beauty and magic, even in the face of adversity.


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