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In continuation of interpreting the feeling of internal and social constraint via physical attributes, Nadja and Pauline use metallic chain and water as contrasting and yet complimentary forces that capture the feeling of being trapped. Sometimes the restraints, regardless of their origin, are hard and ruthless like chain - inescapable and binding, solid and absolute. Hence, they stay close to the body, tightly bonding it and leaving little freedom. In other instances, they can appear vague and transparent, and yet one still drowns in them, just like in water. Fluid and all-encompassing, the feeling is overpowering and suffocating. The collection takes an angle on exploring the human condition and its emotional turmoil, introducing an intricately crafted realm of sophisticated allegory.

Stylist & Creative Direction & Model: @personalheartbreaker

Pub: @imiragemagazine

Creative Direction & Photo & Retoucher: @naadi505


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