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Interview with 39DEZIGNS

• Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I am originally from Michigan, USA and now live in Indiana, USA. I have lived in other States over the years including; Washington State and Texas. I very much enjoyed Washington State. The mountains were beautiful. I find myself to very much be inspired by nature. Washington State aka The Pacific Northwest is full of green foothills, waterfalls and many animals that could easily be viewed and enjoyed.

• Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I have been influenced by both Olivia De Berardinis and Beatrix Potter and very much love their artwork. I have collected from both of them over the years.

• Tell me about your favorite medium.

I started as a child, like most artists, with crayons and colored pencils. As I have grown and matured and tried other mediums, my favorite hands down is digital art. I started with Microsoft Paint doing pixel art, then moved on to Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I probably use Photoshop the most now.

• How did you become an NFT artist?

While researching Bitcoin as an investment, I came across Nfts and knew immediately that this was the place for me. I already had 16 years of digital artworks sitting in my hard drives just yearning to be seen and loved by others. It truly was a no brainer to enter the world of NFTs.

• Will NFTs transform the art world? Are they even art?

NFTs have already changed the art world and in big ways! What once was considered non-art, i.e. digital art by the masses is now considered the only art. When I started making digital art, no one considered it true artwork because it was using “programs” and not a pencil or paint brush.

I believe that any work produced from the spirit or soul that makes you “feel awe” is art. This can be anything from a crayon drawing created by a child to the newest animated works made by AI artists. And we cannot leave out photography because the most beautiful visuals in the world are made by nature and these are usually captured by photographers. So yes NFT’s to me are absolutely art.

• Where do you find inspiration?

This is a very wide open subject for me. I draw inspiration from everywhere! It started as a child with cartoons and children’s books such as Peter Rabbit. Then growing up I would draw inspiration from other artists. This is how I came to be a huge fan of Olivia De Berardinis and her beautifully airbrushed pinup models. Pretty much anything pleasing to the eye gives me ideas. Nature, of course, is a great inspiration for many people and me as well.

• When is your favorite time of day to create?

I actually have no favorite time for creation. If I feel like it, I will. I can create morning, noon and night.

• How do you handle classifying and categorizing artwork?

Well I have 1000’s and 1000’s of pieces of artworks in my hard drives. To be honest, it’s a mess. I have artwork on 3-4 different hard drives and on clouds. Luckily I have moved most of it from drive to drive so I have a good amount of my original work from 16 years ago when I started.

When I started creating NFTs in October of 2021, I also started making folders for each month, containing folders inside for the different types of images, i.e., inside the month would be a Fairy folder, Pinup folder, GIF folder, Fractal folder etc…

• What motivates you to create?

Making art is part of my spirit. I have always made art in different forms since I was a child. It’s a huge part of who I am and how I view life. Nfts have brought me to the place where I can share this love and fascination of creation with others and also make a decent living while doing so.

• Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I went to the school at the “Institute of Merchandising and Design” and unfortunately never finished my Associates there. However, I had a teacher, in her 50’s, who explained to us that no matter your age, you can accomplish your dream as long as you never let it go and work towards, even just bits at at a time. I never let my dream of making a living and sharing my artworks with others go. Never. I am now 54 years old and will be 55 on 4-26-2022.

In ten years I want to be able to inspire my grandchildren to always have that hope that no matter their individual aspirations, with hard work, love for what they do and a lot stubbornness they may very well accomplish their dreams…..Just like Grandma!!

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